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2015 in review

It’s the end of another year… it’s┬átime to look back on the achievements of the year about to end and set some new goals for the upcoming year.

Looking back at 2015, I can say it was a good year! First and most important, I was in good health and besides a minor injury which stopped me from running less that 2 weeks, I was active most of the year.

In terms or running stats, 2015 is for sure my best year so far. I’ve managed to increase my mileage and at the end of the year I can report running ~1850km. Although it’s still under 2000km, this year I’ve managed to increase my mileage with more than 700km.

running stats 2015

running stats 2015

In terms of races, I’ve also been present at more races than the previous year:

Besides the mileage, 2015 was a great year considering that I’ve managed to improve all my personal bests.

In October I’ve managed to set a new PB for 10k during my Ajax Run participation. For the first time I’ve managed to run a 10k with a pace under 4 minutes/km (Strava activity). For Half Marathon, I’ve managed to improve my PB twice this year. Also, it was the first time when I ran a Half Marathon in under 1:30:00. First, in March at CPC Loop Den Haag, I’ve managed to improve my PB from a previous 1:33:59 to a 1:29:24 (Strava activity). Later this year, in September at the Haarlem Halve Marathon I’ve improved my PB once again running the 21.1Km in 1:27:38 (Strava activity). As previous years, this year as well I ran only one full marathon race: Stockholm Marathon on the 30th of May in Sweden. The result was a new PB, managing to shave more than 22 minutes from my previous PB established at Amsterdam Marathon in 2014. My time in Stockholm: 3:12:52 (Strava activity).

Stockholm Marathon 2015

Stockholm Marathon 2015

Besides runnning, this year I’ve also restarted swimming, tho I’ve been very “shy” so far and didn’t include it in my routine as much as I would have liked it to happen.

Nonetheless, I hope 2016 will be even a better year. I hope I’ll reach the 2000km / year mark, plan to run my fourth marathon (although I still didn’t decide when/when that will happen – Leiden Marathon seems to be the best option so far) and I’m planning on buying a race bike and hope to do a first triathlon. Hope I’ll manage to do it all! And on top of that, I hope I’ll find more time for the blog as well!

Happy New Year to all of you and many happy runs!