Running Alien



Welcome to!

In case you were wondering who the running alien is, my name is Andrei and I’m a Romanian software engineer currently living and working in The Netherlands. I’m also a part time runner (duhhh), traveler and head banger…

Why running alien?

As funny as it may sound, I’ve never ran in my home country (although I’m planning to) since I’ve “became” a runner. I’ve started running in Cyprus (I was an alien there for 7 years) in December 2009 when I was at a “personal best” of 105 kg and in February 2010 I’ve ran my first race: 10k at the Limassol Marathon. My goal for that race was to finish it and run it all the way without any stops… and I managed to finish it in a bit more than 48 minutes!

From that point on, the “running bug” had more and more effect on me and brought me to my current state when it’s hard to stop running…

I love running as  it’s “me time”, I keeps me fit and at a decent weight (I like good food and a good beer :)) and it also feeds the competitive side of me.

I can be found on Garmin Connect and Strava so don’t be shy 🙂