Running Alien

Lumma System – bicycle lights

The Running Alien is cycling on a regular basis (it’s part of the package deal when living in The Netherlands) and he’s also┬álikes new toys.

Lumma System is trying to rethink the conventional bike lights. Forget the classic front and back lights and have all your lights on your bike grips! Yeah: front and back lights and even more, project with lasers your width on the road!

They say that one charge of the batteries lasts about 50-52 hours and you can charge the lights via micro-USB ports.



That’s a pretty cool idea and if you like it, you can get a good deal by being an early supporter on Indiegogo where the guys are trying to raise the funds needed for the initial production stage.

Personally I like the idea, but I still don’t see how this works for handle bars which are not straight?

If you like the idea check out their website, Lumma System, and head to Indiegogo if you want to support them.